“We are rising up…”

May 16, 2024 | Community

One week after the Zieggy Tribe experienced a major tragedy at the facility in Wheeling, Chief Customer Officer Barry Allen addressed Tribe members and the community during a Facebook Live.

“Seven days ago or 168 hours ago, this happened, a major fire here at 87 18th Street,” said Barry. “The last 7 days have been incredible. The outpouring support from the community has been amazing. You know we’re not back up and running yet. Don’t know when that will be but what we do know is our community has been incredible. The outpouring of support and love from everybody, there’s no way we can name everybody. Our Tribe, Our employees, our leadership team have been incredible. We want to say thank you. Not only to the incredible community but to all of our amazing employees and Tribe members… We love you. We appreciate you. We will rise up and we are rising up. Thank you.”

To see the entire video, CLICK HERE.