Ziegenfelder thanks employees for working during pandemic with $750,000 in bonuses

July 2, 2024 | News

Wheeling popsicle company just dished out a sweet treat to its employees in the form of $750,000! It seems that while a pandemic froze certain businesses, one never stopped. CEO of The Ziegenfelder Company retires

All 350 Zieggy Tribe Members are each finding an extra $2-3,000 more in their pockets! 

A minimum of $2,000 if they’ve been here 5 years, and if they’ve been here over 5 years, they get $2,500, and then over that they get $3,000

Barry Allen, President of Ziegenfelder

Just the joy and the gratitude they showed.

Kevin Heller, CEO of Ziegenfelder

The gratitude goes both ways… These workers never took a day off this pandemic. Stay at home orders, 6-feet apart on the twin-pop production line, all the stress is recognized in this COVID Employee Appreciation Bonus. 

 It’s because of them Ziegenfelder continued to be on every shelf in the country. 

They created over 800-Million smiles worth of pops last year around the country when some people didn’t know when they were going to get their next meal. And we just thought, we hold our values of ‘think tribe first’ and that’s at the core of who we are, and we thought, ‘Why wouldn’t we give that back?’ 

Barry Allen, President of Ziegenfelder

$750,000 might give you brain freeze thinking about that generous ‘thank you.’

The COVID bonus goes to the 150 Wheeling workers and then the other 200 employees at the two other factories in Colorado and California. And if you think the company is *treating* its employees well… then listen up to this *cool* opportunity! 

Starting today through April we’re looking to hire 40 to 50 more positions in our Wheeling facility.

Kevin Heller, CEO of Ziegenfelder

It seems like even in January, the demand keeps pouring in. 

If you want to apply, head here.

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